Guilty One

by holic.

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This song goes out to those who've been in relationships where you give everything you've got and your significant other takes you for granted! You don't deserve that!

Side note: The stems for this song were corrupted so I could not finish it, but I'm releasing whatever I had recorded.


[Verse 1]
Another phone call from who's supposed to be my one and only,
Got me feeling lonelier than usual
The stress upon my head is slowly driving me insane
Same mistakes are made - again and again, but of course I take the blame
Unfortunately, you're expecting me to call you even when you know you'll see my name, wait a bit, and hit decline
And if I don't, the accusation's that I don't care,
Even if I tried the time before.
No way this is fair
What is this, a game? Not when you unplug my controller
No hint or sign of shame when in the end it's "Wow, I told ya"
Trying to bind me like a principal's manila folders
Rollin' my insecurities into a mold of your own slave

Oops, I meant to say soldier
I beg you take notice
Of where your aim is focused
On me, I'm feeling hopeless
Even before I wrote it, this chorus was rehearsed
I'm getting sick and tired of saying the same words

Every time that we fight girl
I'm the guilty one, I know
I’m sorry, it’s all my fault
I don't deserve your love
I'm no good and girl you're perfect,
You're worth more while I'm so worthless
Just give me one last chance,
You know that girl I need you

[Verse 2]
Remember how we used to say that I was rain and you were sun?
Our relationship’s a flower, but it’s just drowning in the mud
And it’s funny ‘cuz you tell me that it’s just the way that love is
Talking bout sacrificial, more like walking all above it
I know you love it, that’s why I can never get through to you
Every time we Skype it’s like assigning my own funeral
Excuse my truthfulness, but you’re turning into old news
Too used to seeing my defeat just like my boat shoes

You enjoy control; I know this as a fact
You bring new meaning to that “No Strings Attached”
While you’re playing puppeteer,
With manipulative tears
Playing with the knowledge of my fear
Of possibly losing you,
Your perfume now makes me nauseous
I’m on the verge of throwing out the gifts you bought ‘cuz
My life is my life, shouldn’t revolve around you
This is the last time, I mean it, we’re through


Give me one more chance
I won’t ever fake tears to get you to agree as long as I live
I’ll be a better man
I won’t ever make excuses to be abused as long as I live
Give me one more chance
I won’t ever ask you for another chance as long as I live
I’ll be a better man
I won’t hold back anymore, I’m through with biting my lip



released September 4, 2013
Written & Recorded by Holic.
Instrumental credits to Amoeba Culture & Dynamic Duo.



all rights reserved


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holic. Farmington Hills, Michigan

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